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Are We the Champions? series


I have always look at the sport as a reflection of the society. Human`s passions, high and low, in ”pure form”. It this series I show signs of glory and success and I meditate on the price had been paid and the compromises had been made to achieve them. Using some characteristics of the sport as a metaphor, the works in the series “Are We the Champions?” are commenting much more serious issues as humanity, economy and ecology nowadays. I`m also surching the conections between sports and politics, because we all know the sentence from the ancient Rome "Panem and circenses". It still works.

Series consists variety of themes and media and it is progress since 2019. Part of it was included in the solo exhibition 2020: A Studio Odyssey, 2020, Arosita Gallery, SF, BG








Natural Leftovers series


This is part of one of my new series ongoing since 2019.

First finished works from it took part in the group exhibition "Landscape Obssesion" at Arosita Gallery,SF, BG in October 2021.








The Man-Machine series


This is of one of my new series ongoing since 2020 which consists four subseries - self-titled "The Man-Machine", "Machine Head`s Revelations", "Deus Ex Machina" and "Algorithms".








Neocubism & Sculpture/Projects series


These are two series which are closely related and complete each other. Inspiration for both of them were cardboard boxeses and their unfolds.

"Sculpture/Projects" is ongoing series since 2016. In part of it by changing medium I`m redefining sculpture and I give another vision toward it and all of its characteristics.
The starting point for these works was my observation on simple things like the unfolds of cardboard boxes. I find beauty in them that many ignore. I combine parts of their shapes, arrange and rethink them. Results are abstract compositions in which the source materials have lost their original practical purposes and acquired new aesthetic values.

"Neocubism" series is ongoing since 2019. It is, in a way, continuation of “Sculpture/Projects” series and it is based on my interest in Modern art and research of shapes and spatial relationships, but in the contemporary spirit. I think that nowadays there are many things in common with first half of the XX century. This is reason for me to look back and to step on means of expression typical for this period.








2018: An Attic Odyssey or How to Deal with the Object - first steps series


This short series was created during the process of making "How to Deal with the Object" exhibition / Credo Bonum Gallery 2019/ but finally did`t take part in it. A year later it became part of 2020: A Studio Odyssey at Arosita Gallery and partly gave the name of it. All titles of the works, as the name of the series, are based on titles of the Sci Fi movies where the main topic is comunication /with another form of life/. In the case of this series the comunication is between Artist and Object.

This small series was included in the solo exhibition 2020: A Studio Odyssey, 2020, Arosita Gallery, SF, BG








Future World series


This short series was inspired directly from the situation in year 2020.

This series was included in the solo exhibition 2020: A Studio Odyssey, 2020, Arosita Gallery, SF, BG








Fluctuating Constructions series


This series was started in 2020 as postproduction of the installation "Constructive Fluctuations" which I did in 2019 at ICA - Sofia Gallery.








How to Deal with the Object works


“How to deal with the Object”, the exhibition by Alexander Valchev, deals with sculpture – it engages with how the three-dimensional, which is correlating with the human body, exists in space. With an evident self-irony the artist is orchestrating his own competent, intelligent, and well-informed interpretation about how those elements that art has been dealing with since time immemorial, might interact with one another today. The functions of The Object has been awarded to cardboard boxes quite familiar to anyone who has acquired kitchen or bathroom appliances. Regrettably, such boxes are too well known to all those who are pressed by necessity to find shelter in the cities of the world.



Iara Boubnova 2019








Boxes series


This series consists woks developed as sub-series. First finished is Boxes II /Massimo Dutti/. The one on the way is Boxes I /Scotch & Soda/.








UPGRADE series


The exhibition introduces group of Bulgarian artists, who tend to be grouped in an imprecisely defined professional category, according to their year of birth. The generation aged between 35 and 45 years no longer meets the definition of ‘young authors’, but it is too early for these artists to be labelled as ‘advanced’. Therefore, this age group is often deprived of application opportunities for residence, competitions, funding programmes, etc., even their participation in exhibitions is under question.
The position of this transitional generation in gallery life can vary with regard to the power and the degree of development of governmental institutions, private organisations or the market of art. Irrespective of the differences these factors present on the global and the Bulgarian artistic arena, and irrespective of their residence at the moment, the artists aged conditionally between 35 and 45 are interesting mainly because of their work.



Daniela Radeva 2016








New Life works


When I was invited to do an exhibition at the Goethe-Institute I began to think in principle I've always shared, that the exhibition should be linked in any way with the place. In this case, the institution and from there to the country which it represents, but also their relationship with our country and the present.



Alexander Valchev 2015

Works in this series were made between 2013 and 2015.








TMP Monuments seies


This is a series ongoing since 2014.








The Sculpture as a Hobby works


The sculpture is my creed.
It could be seen in all my activities and displays, during its principles I perceive the world, regardless of what I do and what kind of media I express myself as an artist. For me it is the most complex, comprehensive and hard about making art.



Alexander Valchev

Works included here an shown in the self-titled exhibition were made between 2011 and 2014.








Stars /Objects & Spaces part I/ series


In "Stars" series I capture real-world objects and spaces in an unusual angle so they add a whole new meaning. In these photographs objects lose their function ceases to be utilitarian part of our daily lives and become abstract shapes and fiction. Leading here is my education as a sculptor. I set a goal to transform reality through plastic and spatial searches. Reality becomes a photo space and photo sculpture.



This is a series ongoing since 2011.








For a Few Dollars More or Nine Portraits series


For a Few Dollars More Or Nine Portraits about love, mirth, sorrow, anger, energy, fear, disgust, astonishment and tranquility. About choice.



Alexander Valchev 2012

Photographs in this series were made between 2009 and 2912.








We Love the Dogs and the Dogs Love Us series


A year and a half ago I was passing through a lively boulevard in the city center and suddenly my sight was attracted by a shop window. Not longer ago it was a luxury shop but at that moment I could see inside a dog which had been walking among cardboard boxes and junk. On the shop window was written with big letters “LIQUI  ATION TO 700  “ This view seemed to me absurd but I decided it was something temporary. More than a year now I have been passing many times through this place but the only thing that changing is the quantity of dirt in side the shop and this on the windows.



Alexander Valchev 2010

Series of 21 photographs made 2008/2010








Reminiscences series


The idea: to make portraits of great artistic merit in the spirit of Renaissance, of our contemporaries, people engaged in intellectual activities.
How was the idea conceived: there is a beautiful view from the window of my place of work. A part of the National Library, the garden belonging to it, some buildings and in a distance - the impressive Balkan mountains can be seen. Most of the people who visit me on one or another occasion, sit down with their back to the window, which takes up whole northern wall and their silhouettes are outlined against the view. As a setting this reminded me not only once of the magnificent portrait of Federico da Montefeltro, the duke of Urbino, painted in 1465-66 by the great Renaissance artist Piero de la Francesca. I had the impression that this context seemed to express the best of the very human being. I shared my observations with Alexander Valchev, and it turned out that he had also had similar impressions and associations. That is how the idea of the present project was conceived.


Stefania Yanakieva 2004

Main series of 11 photographs was made in 2004.







Selections & Interiors series


Some of my first work done just after graduating of art accademy 2000/2003.








Intrventions series


Some of my first work done just after graduating of art accademy 1999/2000.








Construction - Deconstruction series


Some of my first work done just after graduating of art accademy 1999/2004.







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